August 2, 2019
Meet Our Interns

(L to R) Evin McIntryre, Paige Harris, Charles Aimar with Riggs. Second photo: Natalie Byrie and T.J. Brady with Homer.

We have been fortunate to have five great interns this summer. These smart students: Evin, Paige, Charles, Natalie and TJ, have helped Resource through a busy, record-breaking home loan season. We will definitely miss them when summer ends (soon!) and they go back to school.

Meet them here and find out what makes them so special:

Evin McIntyre

Evin is going to school at the University of South Carolina and will be entering his sophomore year. His major in school is exercise science and he plans on going to grad school for physical therapy. He wanted to intern at Resource so he could learn how to work in a professional atmosphere, which he feels will help him once he starts looking for jobs after graduation. Evin says that so far he has learned how to effectively work as a team by communicating with his co-workers regularly. His favorite thing about working at Resource is the atmosphere. “Everybody here is nice and easy to talk to so it makes work fun.” Evin says his dream job once he graduates is to become a physical therapist and possibly a personal trainer.

Paige Harris

Paige is a a rising sophomore at Midlands Technical College currently majoring in dental hygiene. She wanted to intern with us because her mom (Lori Brown in Shipping / Post Closing) works with us and Paige thought it would be fun to work alongside her mom. Paige says she has learned so many things in just two months. “Not only have I learned how a professional workplace operates; I’ve also learned to improve my communication skills, how to professionally answer phone calls, how to stay on top of tasks, and also that it is okay to ask for help when you need it.” Her favorite thing about interning at Resource is that she gets to explore a different career path. She says the difference between being an intern and a student is that as an intern, she gets to leave the classroom behind and start working towards a profession. “I get more hands-on experience.” Paige’s dream job when she graduates is to be a dental hygienist.

Charles Aimar 

Charles is entering his senior year at the University of South Carolina, majoring in political science. He heard from a friend that Resource had a great internship program, so he applied. His favorite thing about being an intern at Resource is the professional atmosphere, friendly co-workers, and the dog-friendly workplace. I get hands-on experience as opposed to learning about it in a classroom.” Charles says his dream job once he graduates is to become a lobbyist.

Natalie Byrie

Natalie recently graduated from USC with a degree in exercise science and is currently in the process of applying to physical therapy schools. She really enjoys working with kids and hopes to become a pediatric physical therapist one day. Natalie joined the Resource family about two years ago when she met our CEO Wade Douroux during a luncheon at the restaurant where she was working at the time. “While business is not my area of expertise, he needed some extra help around the office that summer and I offered to help in whatever way I could. Whether it is running to the bank, mass mailing Christmas cards, helping with marketing and inventory, or organizing company outings – I love my job here at Resource. Everyone is so friendly and treats each other like family, and I am so happy to be part of this team.”

TJ Brady

T.J. Brady is entering his senior year at the University of South Carolina, majoring in statistics. He came to intern with us because he had an interest in working in the insurance business after school but also wanted to learn about another field, like mortgage lending. His favorite part of working at Resource has been seeing his coworkers every day. I think it’s easier to learn real world applications when working as an intern in a field rather than having a professor explain how a business like Resource is run through a PowerPoint or lecture.” T.J. says his dream job when he graduates is to work as a consultant or financial analyst.

Join us in wishing these special students well as they head back to school soon. We really appreciate all they have done to help out this summer and consider them all now part of our Resource family!

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